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A Passionate, Experienced Attorney Standing Up For Workers

You need a labor attorney who knows how to help you and never forgets what your fight means to you. At Sally A. Morris Attorney at Law, LLC, I built a successful career as a lawyer by always putting clients first. Hard work, keen legal insight and the ability to truly connect with clients set my legal advice and litigation apart.

I began my career as an employment attorney in 1992, where I litigated cases involving the Massachusetts State Colleges and the Boston Fire Department. After working for several years at a large law firm, I decided to establish my own business where I could devote my career to helping workers. In 2003, my law firm was created.

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Since then, I have successfully represented not only individuals but also nursing homes, local YMCA chapters, independent research laboratories, residential care facilities, dog kennels, hair salons, hotels and individuals in disputes over both state and federal labor laws. If you need a civil rights attorney, an ADA lawyer or employment law advice, talk to me today.

Help Is Here When You Need It

I offer practical advice and compliance solutions to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations avoid pitfalls and empower individuals. You can turn to my firm for assistance with a variety of complex problems involving:

As a strong and successful litigator, I have argued on behalf of my clients before administrative agencies and in state and federal courts. I have also served as an independent investigator to companies for sensitive employment matters.

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You are not alone in your fight for your rights. When you need representation from someone who understands exactly how important your fight is, you can turn to me. Set up an initial consultation at my office by calling 207-543-3602 or by sending me an email.