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Nonprofit Legal Advice And Nonprofit Legal Services

I know what a contribution your not-for-profit organization makes to Maine. Let me make that kind of a difference for you.

Over 12% of Maine’s workforce is employed at a nonprofit business, more than the national average. Nonprofit organizations power our economy and change people’s lives all while under increasing budgetary and regulatory pressures.

Nonprofit services have many of the same legal obligations as for-profit businesses, but there are critical differences in regulations, reporting, nonprofit employment law and workplace culture. Nonprofit law is unique, and my law firm, Sally A. Morris Attorney at Law, LLC, enthusiastically serves this vibrant, values-driven part of our economy from offices in Portland, Maine.

I have made nonprofit compliance a focus of my career. In my 25 years as a not-for-profit attorney, I have helped not for profit groups:

  • Master the Nonprofit IRS Informational return, with its extensive nonprofit compliance and disclosure reporting
  • Guide board decisions around appropriate compensation for executive leadership and whether expenditures are sufficiently mission-driven and legally compliant
  • Successfully start, merge or grow
  • Draft sound and forward-thinking charters, bylaws, strategic plans and other legal documents
  • Review complex fundraising regulations that apply to out-of-state solicitations
  • Understand and comply with HIPAA and other privacy or confidentiality laws
  • Implement human resources policies that reflect state and federal laws

With flexible payment arrangements and value-driven fee structures, I can provide specialized legal expertise to nonprofits at an exceptional value. If your nonprofit organization needs mission-driven legal advice in Portland, it’s time to talk to me.

Looking for valuable nonprofit law advice? Let’s get to work. Call 207-543-3602 today.